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HolyWebDesign.org was founded with a vision to make it possible for every church, temple, mosque, school, business, ministry, etc... to build and create easy, affordable websites. Soon after we started offering custom designed websites and advertising opportunities.

As search engines became more popular we then started offering search marketing services to help make our members' sites even more successful and to be found in the search engines by SEO and other internet marketing techniques.

We offer the following services:

customer support

"Thank you for the top-notch web design you built for our community.  I will recommend you to all my friends now!" - Reverend J. Michaels

"WOW!  That's all we have to say!  OK, we'll say more, GREAT JOB!" - Sara McBride, Community Leader

"Thank you for being so patient with us.  We were not savvy at all with web design and you held our hands through every step of the process.  We also now host our web site with you!" Mr. Dickens

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